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Key words: Ending worm and gear. Manual opening and closing device, the self-locking rate is 5-10 times higher than local gear motor
Specification Series: 3GG® and KINGZO® series, power: 250w, 370w, 550w, 750w.
Function Series: Venting series and Curtain series.
Gear Motors Structure features: 3GG® Gear Motor adopts the last stage worm and Gear self-locking transmission system (Same system with the World TOP TWO Brand). After more than 6000times (5.2 rpm) loading experiments, the Self –locking distance is still lower than 5mm. Most of the Gear Motor in China is 3 stage reduction. The last reduction stage is normally gear reduction. Bad self-locking performance, Easy to slip and cause damage to the limit control switch.

1. Product Advantage
(1) Excellent Self-locking performance, the braking distance is less than 5mm.
(a) On the market, most of the gear motor has the same fatal weakness, bad self-locking performance; braking distance is too long,generally between 50mm-100mm. Then breaking the window system, open and close is not tight. This is caused by its Transmission  system and cannot be improved;
(b) Generally, the braking distance should be less than 10 mm, then, it can meet the high requirement for the Venting system. Since 3GG® gear motor adopts special transmission system, self-locking performance is highly improved. The braking distance is less than 5 mm under 5.2rpm which can fully meet the high requirement of the Venting system, extend its service life.
(2) The failure rate of the limited switch is less than 0.5%.
(a) At present, the most common quality problem of the Gear Motor is the damage to the limit switch control system. The main reason is that the self-locking performance of the gear motor fails to be qualified and the braking distance is too long. (5.2rpm, braking distance 50-100mm), the failure rate is higher to 5%. When the braking distance is less than 20mm, the failure rate will be greatly reduced;
(b) The 3GG® Gear Motor is less than 5 mm (5.2 rpm) and the failure rate is reduced to 0.5% from 1%.
(3) Adding overload protection and power phase loss protection function.

3GG® gear motor adds overload protection and power phase loss protection functions to the limit switch control system. When the load exceeds 1.5 times than the rated load or when the three-phase power supply becomes two-phase, it automatically stops working. After troubleshooting, the motor runs again.
(4) Adding the manual opening and closing device in case of power failure.

If there is a power failure, we can use the wrench for manual operation to open or close the window. This prevents the indoor plants or animal in danger situation when the temperature is too high. For manual operation, it will only need manual rolling 360 circles, open the window within 15 minutes. This can meet the customer’s requirement.  Now, among all the gear motors on the market at home and abroad, only 3GG® Gear Motor can achieve the manual opening and closing when the power is suddenly off.
(5) Quality and Research features.
(a) Quality: 3GG® Gear Motor and KINGZO® Gear Motor, in addition to the strict component inspection and whole process inspection, every Gear Motor is not inspected by random but 100% fully inspected. There are inspection records for every Gear Motor. It is traceable within 10 years;
(b) Research features: According to the strict quality standard, which exports to Japan, The research Group formed by Japanese and Chinese research engineer, solve various problems during the invention and production.