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USA and Canada Visit Report

来源:  作者:David Ding  时间:2019-07-26

Beijing Fenglong is known as the biggest greenhouse materials supplier in China, we are not only supplying the materials to our customers, we are more concerned about the feedback and comments from different customers.


Every year we have plans to visit our customers in person, to have a face to face meeting, to hear the voice from the distributors and growers, to see the project in the site, to check the situation of our products, then we report to our QC, DP, and top management. This information is good for the improvement and development of our products.


The pictures attached are from the visiting to US and Canada in Oct. 2018.

Our electric and manual film reeler(also names as roll-up units), wiggle wire channel(ALU. And Gal.), poly film, gear motors, are very popular in these two countries.


Customers are all happy, one of them complained that the price is a little bit higher than others, I told them that I am not sure we are in the same line,I believe they would agree that functionality, quality, and after-sale service are key to success,we all know that the price is important, but quality counts for much more, a low price on the quotation could turn out to be never-ending trouble(and carrying cost, of course)in the future.       


It is always our aim to provide our customers with the unparalleled quality product at affordable cost.