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Control Box for Reeler(DV 24V)

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★The electric film reeler is equipped with an independent channel; a protective fuse is installed in each channel;

★Each channel is equipped with a reversing switch for opening, closing and stopping operation;

★FLC®AC 220V/50Hz electric film reeler control box uses single-phase AC 220V/50Hz power supply.

0221 24V电卷控制柜-14.jpg

When installing the wiring, please confirm the function of the outlet terminal of the distribution cabinet and wrong wiring is prohibited;

This control box is equipped with overload protection, short circuit fuse for each channel.

Please check the fuse status when reeler is not working;

Install the film reelers according to capacity requirement and overcapacity is prohibited;

The electric film reeler control box must be installed and distributed by professional personnel.

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