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Dual Output Shafts Reeler(24V)

★Dual output shaft, maintain the rolling tube straight;

★110m rolling length that is twice the length of single shaft reelers;

★Big torque, compact and durable;

★3 years warranty.

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 1. Product Lists


2. Product Feature

(1) Dual output shaft: two sides rolling film, the length is 110m, effectively avoiding the reeler bending down.

(2) Overload-protection: when the load is 1.5 times the rated torque, the overload protection device will activate to shut down the motor. The motor can restart after 5- 6 minutes, but make sure removal of overload cause. The design is to prevent the motor from burning down under overload.

(3) Economic and Easy to install: directly connecting to 220V power saves the cost of power adapter, cables and installation workforce.

3. Development History

In 2003, KINGZO® Electrical Film Reeler was developed by Beijing Fenglong;

Till 2006, KINGZO® Reelers have been exported to more than 20 countries, mainly Japan, USA;

In 2008, a total of 10000 sets were sold to Japan market;

In 2013, an innovative KINGZO® AC 220V series was developed;

In 2017, KINGZO® Film Reelers sold out 80000 sets, annual production capacity reached 1500000 sets.


4. Why KINGZO® Film Reelers ?

(1) Quality: KINGZO® Electrical Film Reeler 100% inspected before shipment, and 10 years traceable archive file kept for each reeler.
(2) R&D: FLC keep the investment to improve and develop new models. FLC R&D team have excellent engineers from both domestic and Japan.
(3) Recognition by Market: through years of efforts, our products have been widely recognized by clients all over the world, including leading greenhouse constructors and growers, like Netafim, Richel, Haygrove, etc. 

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